Karachi Cuisine | FAQs

Karachi Cuisine is getting busier by the day. People come from all across the United Kingdom for a taste of our authentic Pakistani dishes. That means we get asked a great deal of questions. Therefore, we decided to address our customers and answer any questions they might have. We hope this helps!

Q: Do you have a buffet dinner?

We no longer serve buffet lunch or dinner. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause!

Q: Is Karachi Cuisine Halal?

Yes. We use HMC certified meat.

Q: Is the restaurant licensed to sell alcohol?

Karachi Cuisine is licensed to serve alcohol. We also have many options for non-alcoholic beverages, which can be seen in our drinks menu.

Q: What is your hygiene rating?

We’re very serious about food safety and that reflects in our hygiene rating. We have been rated the highest hygiene level by the Food Standards Agency: a 5/5.

Q: What is the service like?

No matter the occasion, whether it be a wedding, birthday, or a late night romantic dinner, Karachi Cuisine is at your service. You’ll be given the VIP treatment every time!

Q: How is the food made?

Each dish in our menu is made with a base unique to its authentic flavour. Unlike many of our competitors, we do not cut corners on our curries and we do not compromise on taste. Our chefs here at Karachi Cuisine work hard to ensure that every customer feels at home when tasting our food. The quality is top-notch, whether its something as simple as daal or as rich as our paya!

Q: Do you cater for parties?

Yes! We love parties. Whether it’s for a small get-together or a large gathering of 100+ people, we have hosted some brilliant events! For our rates and packages, contact us.

Q: Do you have a Christmas menu?

We love the festive season! We have an excellent Christmas menu offered at an amazing price. It will be available on Christmas Day!

Q: Is there a play area for children at Karachi Cuisine?

There is no play area for children here at our restaurant. In respect of the other diners, we ask that all children be supervised at all times by parents or guardians. Parties where children are not supervised may be asked to leave the premises.

Do you have any more questions for us? Contact us!