Coronavirus: What Are We Doing?

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To all our valued patrons, 

Here at Karachi Cuisine, we are committed to providing a pleasant and safe food experience through thick and thin! 

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation in the United Kingdom. We are following all safety guidelines and advice from HM Government and Public Health England. As you may know, Karachi Cuisine has a 5-star hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency. 

In response to the current situation, we are:

  • Sanitising all doors, windows and counters multiple times a day
  • Deep cleaning the premises every evening
  • Keeping santisers and disinfectant wipes at all workstations 
  • Educating our staff with up-to-date information from Public Health England

We have always maintained a high standard of food safety. Our ingredients are stored and prepared according to best practices.

Our Team

    • Our staff has been fully educated on food hygiene and is following the protocols issued by the World Health Organisation
    • We have assigned a task-force in every department to ensure all possible measures are taken to maintain a clean and safe environment


  • No member of our team has travelled to an affected area or come in contact with anyone showing symptoms 


  • We have asked anyone who may feel unwell to stay at home; we have put measures in place to ensure that their livelihood is unaffected during this trying time
  • We have cancelled any business events and encouraged remote meetings to limit person-to-person exposure

So far at Karachi Cuisine, there have been no suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among our staff or customers. 

We do ask that anyone feeling unwell or having recently come in contact with someone displaying flu-like symptoms avoids the premises for the time being. We are always happy to deliver!

To minimise risk, we also ask that our patrons sanitise at the station by the counter and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds when possible.

With these additional safety measures in place, we are pleased to say that it is business as usual at Karachi Cuisine! 

Our business hours are the same. Please note that all food at Karachi Cuisine is available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. We will continue to provide these services in the future even as the spread of COVID-19 progresses.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +44 (0)20 8689 6868.

Yours sincerely,
Karachi Cuisine Management